Just think of how beneficial it would be to include your Website Address in your newspaper ads and business cards . Prospective customers can log onto your Web Site to obtain all the important information about your business that you could never squeeze into those small ads .

We have owned and operated our own Retail / Wholesale / Mail Order business in a downtown location for more than 2 decades and we speak your language ! We know of no other Web Design Firms that understand how to properly promote your unique business on the internet . Most Web Designers have never worked in or owned a retail business , do you really want them designing your Web Pages ? ?  We are local and .... we will be there to help you !

Why Do I Need A Website ?


A Web Site gives your business 24/7 advertising .

Do you realize that almost every home in America is now connected to the Internet ? Even senior citizens are now logging on to their favorite Web Sites or sending emails to their friends and relatives . So isn't it time that YOUR  business finally gets its own Web Site and moves into the 21st Century ? Many of your competitors now have Web Sites on the Internet , so ..... what are you waiting for ? ? ?

Customers are expecting the businesses they patronize to be on the Web and will appreciate the information that is available to them anytime of the day ! Let us help you create a customized web package that works for you . We will custom design a Web Site that will give you maximum impact and allow your customers to obtain information on your business 24 hours a day , 7 days a week ! Most successful business advertising programs combine the power of the Web with regular news ads and in-store promotions.

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