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BlackRock Web Creations provides an affordable way for today's small business owners and non-profit organizations to finally be able to market their companies on the internet .

Steve , along with his two design associates - Diane Prescott  and John Roberts -  specialize in creating Start-Up Websites that will give any business a Fresh and Dynamic marketing tool that is needed to compete in today's marketplace .

We are very flexible and will work to design your web pages to give a glowing representation of your products and services . . .  

Let Us Paint an " Electronic Portrait " of your business  On-The-Web  !


   A little info about Steve :

Steve Matthews ( full name being Steven Matthew Jurczyk ) -- began his business career back in 1980's when he first  opened the doors to his retail /wholesale company which sold barber equipment and supplies .  The first few years were tough -- he had to borrow from Peter , to pay Paul -- many times going weeks without drawing any payroll for himself .

Once a steady customer base was established and a dependable cash flow was in place -- he began to expand the barber supply business to include beauty salon , nail and spa products which was starting to explode in the mid 1980's .

As most small business owners know , there is never enough extra money to pay for much advertising ,etc. -- so Steve began his own advertising/marketing plan .

Having taken up with the many new computers just coming on the market , he taught himself the computer language necessary to write custom programs to use several computers for cash registers , inventory control , invoicing , mailing lists , and the printing of price catalogs and brochures . He also expanded his Graphic Design skills to create some masterful advertisements .

The business was expanding enough to employ 12 people to work the retail division and wholesale warehouse departments . By 1987 there were two retail stores and a larger warehouse building to accommodate the expansion .

Growth of the business continued into the 90's and Steve continued to gain more knowledge of advertising and marketing with his longtime friendship of Robert Coco , one of the founders of the VAL-PAK Coupon empire . 

But the long 12 hour days started to take its toll and didn't provide much extra time for Steve to enjoy his love of CARS -- having owned many cars such as a Hemi-Cuda,  Alpha Romeo , Triumph ,VW's , Porsches and his passion for Corvettes .  So when the year 2001 came along with many new government regulations and various other headaches , the decision was made to close the supply business and pursue a new career path .

It was in 2001 that his new business was formed -- CREATIVE MARKETING SOLUTIONS  --  providing advertising , marketing , and web design services .  By 2008 the new business had expanded its services to include radio and cable TV advertising .

In 2009 some unexpected tragedies had occurred in Steve's life with the sudden deaths of both his mother and sister .  It was then that Steve decided that life was too short to complicate his life with any more work responsibilities and decided to make a move .  And move he did - to the town of Cherryville , NC - away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities - back to his small-town roots .

And thus the creation of BLACKROCK WEB CREATIONS -- serving the small, independent business community .


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